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What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?

I want riders to feel strong, confident, empowered and energized. I want riders to realize how much they’re capable of when they get out of that comfort zone. I want riders to believe in themselves enough to turn up the dial, keep a fast beat, stay up when it would be easier to sit down, or push through a challenging weight track. I want them to take that feeling of accomplishment and channel it into the rest of their day!

What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?

It’s so important to take time for yourself to recharge and “fill your cup”, and SPINCO is that for me. The energy we create together inside those four walls is hard to explain, but it keeps me coming back to the bike. The sweat, the challenge and the feeling I get after finishing a 50-minute ride is what motivates me to show up for every class. Every time we clip in is a new opportunity to push past the limits we set for ourselves and get stronger, not just physically but mentally too.

Quote to live by?

 "Great things never came from comfort zones."

Where can we find you off the bike?

Off the bike you can find me strategizing at work, recharging at a yoga class, reading a good book or hanging with my wine club.