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Basia Sowinski

What led you to SPINCO?:
I was in a very transitional place in my life when I found SPINCO. It really gave me a safe place to challenge myself and become comfortable with myself. I think I needed the support system of SPINCO to gain self-confidence, find my voice, and to be able to grow into the life that I’m living now.

What primary message do you want to deliver in your class?
The main message that I want to deliver is self-trust. We already have everything that we need to succeed. I want to inspire my riders to trust themselves enough to really go for it in each class and tap into that power.

Where can we find you off the bike:

Studying and drinking a lot of coffee in any café that has all day parking.

Where is your happy place?
Honestly, SPINCO is my happy place. But, if I had to choose one other place…. It would probably be my grandparent’s house outside of the city.

Describe the energy your riders bring when riding your class.
I don’t think that there is one specific energy that the riders bring every time. Each class has a different energy because we all feed off of each other and our emotions from that day. It’s hard to describe something like that, but the best I can do is call it a genuine and unconditionally supportive energy.