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Carley Sharp

Why do you teach at SPINCO?
That undeniable, yet indescribable feeling. SPINCO has a crazy power that brings out the best of us, motivates us and pushes us to reach past our limits. 

What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?
I want riders to feel challenged, motivated, and uplifted during class. It's amazing to see what we can accomplish when we all ride together.

What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?
I think back to myself as a rider. I was inspired and pushed to levels I didn't even know existed, now I have the opportunity to share those same experiences with my riders. All of that plus sick music and a disco ball - what could be better?

What is your favorite song to ride to?
I love a good remix, Right now it's definitely "Nobody to Love (Young Bombs Remix)"

Quote you live by?               
"The sun will always rise."

Three words your best friend would use to describe you? 
Outgoing, Supportive, Fun