Clara Lacroix


“The only way out is through.”
What do you want riders to get from your classes?
Spinco helped me recognize and celebrate every accomplishment and growth, no matter how small; that’s something want to pass on to my riders. I also hope they like my music as much as much as I do! 
Where can we find you off the bike?
I basically live at spinco - so if I’m not on the bike, I’m usually not too far! All joking aside, you can usually find me out and about Ottawa,  discovering good foods and finding dogs to pet. 
What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?
The people around me! Whether I am riding a class, or teaching it, there’s nothing quite like the energy in that room - it gets me so fired up!
Every rider has a different reason for showing up. Every rider had a different kind of day. No matter what happened throughout the day that lead to the very moment where you clip in, 41 riders suddenly come together as 1 for the one thing you all have in common.