Crystal MacBain

Crystal MacBainĀ 

Lil bit about me

I have blue eyes +

love to move... Cha Cha Cha !

You can find my tunes to have heavier beats with a worldly flare.. I enjoy smiling, can be sensitive at times, love deeply and am working on being slightly less bossy.


Things I like

That sweet alfalfa summer breeze, skinny dippin' road trippin' + SPIN


Why I Teach Spin

I found my voice on a spin bike, I found a person that I didn't know existed. I ride in hopes of guiding others towards greatness, to show them that you truly can be anyone you want in this wild ride of life...  in most cases we just have to open your eyes and take a chance.


Can't live without

Sparkling Water, old fashioned sour cream glazed donuts, + a swanky black ankle bootie

way to my <3