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What do you want riders to get/feel from your class? 

I want my riders to feel confident when they leave my class. I want them to feel like they can take on their whole day, month and year with the strength and power they all have within. I also want my riders to have fun and I want them to look forward to clipping in with me. If I could help one person who is having a bad day with my energy or with what I say in class my heart would feel so full. I cannot wait to help my riders feel confident and powerful both on and off the bike.


What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?

The thing that motivates me to clip in every class is the SPINCO community. When I moved to Halifax two years ago I came all by myself. I came to pursue my passion for philosophy at Dalhousie University. For the first year I was having a hard time finding who I was and what I liked to do outside of philosophy. That is when I found SPINCO. From the very first ride I knew this was where I belonged, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. From riding there everyday I have made so many amazing friends that I know will last a lifetime. I knew I had found my place, my team and my second family. This is why i clip in every chance I get. This is why I wanted to be a SPINCO instructor. This is why I show up everyday and I absolutely LOVE it.


Quote to live by:

Perfectionism is the serial killer of happiness. 
I love this quote because being perfect does not exist. What is perfect anyways, who decided that there is only one way to look, feel and act. This is an unrealistic standard. It is time to break this constricted idea that perfectionism even exists and start realizing that being who you are and looking how you look IS perfect. It is you and everyone is so unbelievable beautiful in different ways and that is what we need to realize. We need to stop letting these negative ideals into our mind that deny us the ability to be truly happy.


Where can we find you off the bike?

Off the bike you can find me at a cozy coffee shop reading and most likely drinking a Caramel Americano Misto. I love to read any book that challenges the way I think and makes me look at things in a new positive way.