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Why do you teach at SPINCO?

I teach at SPINCO because I love being on that bike! I am addicted to the energy and the people. The feeling of being vulnerable and strong at the same time is what pushes me. It is hard work, it is fun and I am buzzing for hours after every class.


What motivates you to get on the bike everyday?

Your smiley and sweaty faces! I am constantly inspired at the dedication of our rides; we have created this little spin community where it’s more than just “exercise” it is a place where like-minded people get together to let loose and share each other’s stories. Good and genuine people, I love that.


What do you want your riders to get and feel from your class?

The moment you step through those doors, I want you to feel confident – you got this! I want you to have a good experience, I want you to have fun and I want you to work your A%# off!