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Why do you teach at SPINCO?  

The community! I teach at SPINCO because I love what SPINCO's values represent. When I walk through the SPINCO doors it feels like home; Full of positive, kind, encouraging people. I want to contribute and be a part of the incredible environment, both for the riders and the community. 


What motivates you to jump on that bike every class? 

The thing that motivates me the most is the adrenaline rush I get before the class, the fun during class, and the incredible energy high when it’s over. Plus, getting the chance to ride alongside incredible friends and the encouraging individuals the SPINCO community has brought together is such an honour. 

What do you want your riders to get and feel from your class? 

I want to be a positive influence for everyone who walks through the door, and to help each rider feel their best! I want my riders to leave class feeling accomplished, strong, healthy and as incredible as I know they are! 

Favourite day off activity? 
Hiking, Surfing, Camping, Biking, & Running, Basically happiest from moving and grooving! 
Three words your best friend would use to describe you?  
"Adventurous, Selfless, Inspiring, Loyal, and Sweetest-Human-Alive"