Kristen's Playlist


Why do you teach at SPINCO?
It is important to me to be connected to a community of like-minded people who support one another through the best times and the challenging times. SPINCO is that community!

What motivates you to get on the bike every class?
The energy I get from the riders in the room is infectious. There's no better feeling than riding together and pushing through even when we aren't sure we can. Even when we doubt ourselves, the energy and support from our fellow riders gives us the confidence to finish!


What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?
To feel connected to the positive energy in the room; to have a safe space to completely tune into their bodies and disconnect from their day for 50 minutes. I want them to walk away feeling better than when they walked in. Whether it's their first ride or they've been riding for years; it's my responsibility to make sure they feel successful, challenged, and supported.


What is your favourite type of music to ride to?
Anything with a strong beat or a tune I can sing along with!

Quote to live by:
"Don't trade your authenticity for approval."

Where can you find me off the bike?
Working my full-time HR gig by day. Otherwise, you can find me cuddling on the couch with my pups and hubby, reading a good book or moving on my yoga mat.

Favourite day off activity?
Trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. I LOVE to bake and cook!