Why do you teach at SPINCO?
SPINCO immediately gave me a sense of "family" and I cannot wait to bring that to Moncton so that our entire community can feel the positive and uplifting feeling you get from being a part of it.

What motivates you to get on the bike every class?
The feeling I get when I see everyone working hard and pushing to limits they may have never imagined they were capable of, including myself. On the bike, I can just let it all go and just be in the same moment and embrace how empowered I feel.


What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?
A feeling of strength of the mind and body. Freedom to just let go of anything that they may have brought into the room with them, whether it be work-related, to-do lists, family obligations or any negativity they may be feeling.

What is your favourite type of music to ride to?
I love to ride to pop music.

Quote to live by:
"Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as being stuck somewhere you don't belong"

Where can you find me off the bike?
Spending time with my two children and husband; usually by the pool.

Favourite day off activity?