Noemie Lessard
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Noemie Lessard

Why do you teach at SPINCO?

I started at SPINCO as a volunteer from the Energy Exchange program and felt at home right away. Through this program, I've met so many amazing and unique people, that have had such a positive impact on my life. I've always wanted to give back to my community and have a positive impact on people's live. Everybody needs to know that they are powerful, that they are enough and that, YES, SPINCO can make you feel invincible if you really commit to it. Being an instructor at SPINCO gives me the opportunity to share my energy and my passion to hopefully make a difference around me. 

What is your favorite type of music to ride to?

I really love rap and EDM with big bass moments, riding to a sick and unique beat is always motivating for me. 
I also think every playlist should be created strategically and with intention. Therefore, I am also a big fan of songs with meaningful lyrics that can help the riders connect with the song and push even harder!

Quote to live by?

Don't think you are, know you are.