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Noemie Trottier

Why do you teach at SPINCO?


I teach at SPINCO because it is a place where I feel safe, where I feel strong and where I feel like there is nothing I cannot do. Back when I was a rider and still to this day, SPINCO is my escape. From the moment I walk into the room to get ready to teach, to the final round of applause at the end of each ride, there's something magical about this place that you can't truly explain, or make someone understand unless they've ridden at SPINCO.


What motivated you to jump on the bike every class?


The need to give back to the SPINCO community. SPINCO came into my life at a very rocky time, but the riders I have met and the instructors I have taken classes from totally brought me back to my normal self. My normal, happy, joyful, grateful self and I can't thank them all enough for that. Therefore, everytime I jump on that podioum, I just hope that if any rider in my class is going through something, they know that I am right up there for them and that I know they'll make it through.  


What do you want riders to get/feel from your class?


I want the riders to feel, even if it's for a minute or for one song, like they've got things figured out. Things can be so uncertain outside the room, so when they come in to ride I want them to feel like they've got this! Whatever it might be.