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Why do you teach at SPINCO?

It’s fun! Plain and simple! Riding and teaching at SPINCO never feels like work that I have to drag myself out of bed for, I love it. SPINCO pumps out positive vibes and has created such a welcoming environment for everyone and anyone. It’s a community I am so happy to be a part of every day! Plus, you’re guaranteed to get a kick-ass workout with bumping music in an awesome atmosphere with amazing people!


What motivates you to jump on that bike every class?

The riders. Everyone shows up and to SPINCO and no matter what their day involved or what’s on their mind they leave it at the door, we have fun and go for it! It is such a supportive and energy filled room to be in and let go of everything.


I also think it is so important to live a healthy lifestyle so that in itself motivates me, not only to get up there and encourage others but for myself. I can promise you this isn’t going to be one of those grueling workouts you dread and get this; you’re going to ENJOY cardio!


Favorite day off activity?

Snowboarding when there is snow, the lake when there is sun