Why do you teach at SPINCO? 

Growing up as a dancer, I fell in love with having time in my day set aside to simply let loose and freely jam out to music. As I got older and the craziness of adult life started to hit, I found myself appreciating a space where I could just temporarily check out of the outside world and focus on the beat of the music alongside the energy of a room of others doing the same thing. I knew that I wanted to get onto the podium and simply allow others the space to be themselves and to have fun with it. 


What motivates you to get on the bike every class? 

The moment the lights dim and everyone in the room becomes a team. Knowing that each person in that room is connecting to a song for completely different reasons but are all being moved by the music as one. It's an incredible feeling to see what music can do to people.   


What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?

I want riders in my class to be ready for a dance party on the bike that just so happens to also be a great workout. For riders to feel free to sing if they want to move. I want my class to be a space of freedom and personal growth where we can all let the music take over. 


What is your favourite type of music to ride to?

You can never go wrong with a good 90's R&B throwback! 


Quote to live by?

"Act confident and no one will question you" 


Where can we find you off the bike?

Anywhere you can find food or friends. Bonus points if they're at the same time!