Sarah Polowin


What do you want your riders to get/ feel from your class? 

I want my riders to shake off any stress they’re carrying (literally – hellllooo dance party and endorphins!), and feel empowered. I want them to strive for progress - which will look and feel different for everybody - not perfection. 


What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?:

The positive, inclusive and vibrant community! When I hop on that bike, I’m guaranteed a challenge, lots of laughs and a wicked sweat that keeps me coming back for more. 


Quote to live by:

“It’s not about how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it.” 


Where can we find you off the bike? 

Usually bopping around Parliament Hill, scoping out new eats or volunteering with organizations that aim to advance children’s and women’s rights. And if I’m not doing that, I’m probably watching TLC with my cat.