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Tiffany Prempeh

Why do you teach at SPINCO?
The environment. Love being surrounded by like minded individuals. Spinco has really taught me to really push myself out of my comfort zone. Everyone is so unique in their style of teaching, there isn’t a need to conform to feel accepted. I’m glad I can be apart of such a genuine community.

What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?
The release. I want each rider to use each class as a form of therapeutic relief. A 50 minute session - where you’re free of obligations, free to express myself, and hopefully empowered to really push yourselves! I want each rider to leave class feeling accomplished. You showed up for a reason, now let’s work!!e.

What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?
The dedication of each rider choosing to walk through those doors, and the drive and energy that illuminates within that room in those 50 minutes. Nothing motivates me more than seeing riders step outside their comfort zones, getting those heart rates up, and really sweating it all out on that bike!

What is your favorite song to ride to?
Wonder (ft. The Kite String Tangle) - Adventure Club.

Quote you live by?
“It’s important to make someone happy, and it’s important to start with yourself.”

Three words your best friend would use to describe you?
Hilarious, Sarcastic, Selfless